Virtual Classes

Sketch Noting: What It Is and How to Do It

Sketch noting is a visual way to take notes. It can be used in nature and vacation journals, meetings, lectures, book groups, podcasts, and even sermons. Sketch noting captures ideas with quick techniques such as using words, simple drawings, lettering, connectors, containers, lines, and star people. It can help organize any page. The class will begin with learning the basics. Anyone who takes notes can benefit from this visual way to take notes; it can really be fun.

Mondays, 9 – 10:30 a.m.
July 1,8.15,22,29
Modality: Online

Traditional Sumi Painting: The Four Gentlemen and Peony, Camilla and Iris Flowers​

Experience step-by-step hands-on learning to paint the Four Gentlemen, common subjects in bird and flower painting in Chinese art. Accomplish the brush strokes that create wild orchid, chrysanthemum, bamboo and plum blossoms. Wild orchid represents spring and embodies beauty, grace, humility and nobility. Chrysanthemum blooms in cold autumn air, predicts the onset of winter and signifies the quality of withstanding adversity. Bamboo is hollow, flexible and strong. It represents human integrity that yields but does not break. Plum blossoms burst out in winter, emit a delicate fragrance that embody exquisite elegance. They are symbols of humility and inner beauty in unfavorable conditions. Then we will learn the how to paint the Peony, Camilla and iris Flower.

Handouts are sent via email. Print them out for each lesson and allow time for required painting supplies to ship. A supply list will be provided.

Zoom class (registration is required and no refunds)
8 weeks July 11,18,25, August 1, 8,15,22,29
2 -3:30pm sessions

Kitchen Safari Nature Journaling

Journey through your refrigerator, pantry and countertop for inspiring fruits and vegetables. Learn how to nature journal without leaving the house. Acquire tips for incorporating words, pictures and numbers. Instructor shares techniques to draw and paint as well as using prompts to write. Receive handouts and share through discussions. Course format encompasses demonstration and hands on learning. Your interest in creative journaling is all that’s required to participate.

Required: Instructor provides supply list for mixed media (mostly watercolor, gouache and ink)

Fee: $45.00
Dates: 8/6/2024 – 8/27/2024
Times: 10:00AM-12:00PM
Days: Tu
Sessions: 4