Night Skies: Are You Finding Inspiration From The Nighttime Sky?

With less air pollution or city lights, I am able to enjoy the constellations in the early morning or evening where I live now.

I do not know a lot about the stars and planets except for Orion’s belt and the Big and Little Dippers. I use an app that I open and point to the star or planet that I’m viewing and it tells me what I’m seeing. I have been able to know that the bright stars have been Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and that gorgeous moon!

All that I do is take my nature journal and marker and dot the page and write down what my app tells me. Each time I notice the familiar and learn about something new. My journey of observing the stars began several years ago when I still lived in Pittsburgh. We would take nighttime walks and look at the sky. I love going to the planetarium and seeing the shows but outside I use my phone and draw.

Lately, I am waking up early enough to sit outside in my new backyard and ponder the sky. I make my coffee or hot tea and look up! The sky is full of inspiration for me.

The app for the moon actually tells me when I will view more golden or blue tones. A few nights ago the blood moon was in clear view actually looked closer to earth. It was red as it slid through the earth’s shadow in a lunar eclipse. Wow!

Why not start journaling the phases of the moon.